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At Unique Mustangs, We believe that having fun in a "Club" should include gatherings and events which promote the use of your Mustang. The members are the heartbeat and make our group Strong. The cars are our passion that brings us together. We are more than just a mustang club, we are family !!

As Mustang owners, we have fun with our ponies. It is a lot more fun and exciting if you are with the right group. We are involved with cruising to Unique destinations as a group, have fun gatherings and even Tech Days to help with simple or complex issues with our cars. Of course, these functions do and most likely include food. It's just natural.

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How to become a Member of Unique Mustangs Car Club Membership cost is $20 per calendar year per car or household. For more information regarding memberships, contact Unique Mustangs. Click Below for a

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